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Supercharge Your Results: GD PI WAT Training with an 80% Conversion Ratio.

 Empower your skills with our GD PI WAT training, featuring an impressive 80% conversion ratio. Backed by 25 years of unparalleled experience, our program ensures you stand out in Interviews, Group Discussions and Written Ability Test. Take the next step toward success – Book a demo now and experience the transformative impact firsthand.

Success Stories of Erudite Toppers

Excel with Erudite: Forge Ahead, Stand Out, and Seize Your Competitive Edge!

Ready to nail your CAT GDPI Preparation like a pro? Dive into our expert coaching program tailored to transform you by sharpening your interview skills and crafting killer SOPs. Our experienced mentors, who have successfully navigated IIMs and XLRI, are here to guide you. Don’t delay—take the plunge, enroll now, and let’s turn your B-school dreams into reality.

More Than 100,000 Students Trust Us for GD PI WAT Training in 25+ Years

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IMT Faculty Studies Erudite's Teaching Methodology, Submitted for Publication in Two International Journals

Erudite’s training methodologies have undergone meticulous examination in an extensive 1.5-year case study conducted by the distinguished faculty at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT). The discerning findings from this thorough analysis underscore the exceptional quality of Erudite’s training methods. The case study distinctly emphasizes Erudite’s commitment to personalized learning experiences, interactive sessions, and real-world simulations, surpassing the conventional scope of mere exam preparation. The faculty at IMT specifically acknowledged the adaptability of Erudite’s methods, catering effectively to diverse learning styles. Consequently, this approach serves as a solid foundation for students to excel at the highest standards, ensuring impressive outcomes in calls from the IIM.

Join Erudite to be a part of the IIM Achiever’s League.

Case Study done by IMT Ghaziabad Faculty on Erudite GD PI WAT Training Methedologies
case study on Erudite GD PI WAT Training Teaching Methodologies went for publishing in 2 international journals

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Craft a Personalized Plan
Erudite CAT GD PI WAT Training

Erudite’s CAT GD PI WAT Training offers personalized plans tailored just for you. With our expertise, we craft a unique strategy to enhance your skills and ensure your success in the competitive world of Group Discussion, WAT and Interviews.

Mentors From IIM & XLRI

Receive top-notch CAT GD PI WAT training in Kolkata from our seasoned instructors, having 25 years of expertise., ensuring you're well-prepared for GD, PI, and WAT's. Join us to enhance your skills and secure your spot in leading management institutes. Mentors having 15+ Years of Experience.

Personalized Guidance

At Erudite, we offer comprehensive guidance through our Personality Development Program, ensuring you're well-prepared for every aspect of the journey. Master communication, leadership, and time management skills to excel in GD and PI and written ability tests. 

Institute Specific GD PI Training

We specialize in GD PI WAT training tailored to each institute's needs, ensuring profound knowledge, skill development, and confidence for success in interviews and group discussions. For Example SP Jain, our focus is on refining group interviews, while at Symbiosis, we enhance group activities.

Highest Calls Conversion Rate

Our students, after enrolling in GD PI Preparation for MBA at Erudite, have successfully converted 1 in 4 top calls received, highlighting the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach. Join us to turn your dreams into achievements!

Actual Like Mock Interviews

After each Mock Interview for CAT GDPI Preparation, students receive personalized feedback from their mentor, ensuring steady progress and readiness for real interviews with video-recorded practice sessions.

Profiling & SOP Sessions

Erudite excels in crafting profiles that ensure candidate's WAT and PI Preparation for IIM success through personalized strategies. Our expertise lies in shaping profiles that stand out in the competitive landscape and present a better version of yourself before the interview panel.

Erudite Topper's Feedback- BLACKI Converts

Erudite GD PI WAT Training Student
Anurag Holani Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

The CAT GDPI preparation helped me understand the direction in which I should try to take the interview, and some examples on how to show some event as a plus point.

CAT GDPI Preparation
Swarnadeep Ghosh Calls : IIM A, C, L, S

GDPI WAT Training sessions with Kaushik sir were very informative and insightful. These sessions were one of the most important reason for me to crack my interviews

GD PI WAT Excellence
Akram Khan Calls : IIM A, B, C, L

The sessions were really good, making Erudite the best GDPI coaching for MBA. Erudite's unique methods helped me with all my doubts. Also, the profiling sessions with Kaushik Sir were insightful.

CAT Coaching Topper Results
Krishna Agarwal Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, CAP

GD PI WAT Training sessions with Kaushik sir were very innovative and insightful. These sessions were one of the most important reason for me to crack my interviews

Get your dream IIM Call with Erudite GDPI Course for MBA
Anandrup Bhowmick Calls : IIM B, L, K

The GDPI Preparation for MBA session at Erudite was very informative. The interaction helped me clear a lot of apprehensions regarding PI and improved my thought process.

Achieve IIM Dream with Erudite GDPI Course for CAT
Kedar Damani Calls : IIM A, C, CAP

Erudite's CAT GDPI Preparation is the cream of the crop when it comes to planning and execution. My profile transformed into a fascinating read. My SOP's have been completely personalized.

Student Mastering GD PI WAT Training at Erudite
Avinash K Calls : IIM-CAP

I decided to choose Erudite to gain a fresh outlook on how my answers could be perceived. Erudite is the best for GDPI coaching for MBA precisely met my needs, enhancing my overall approach.

Achieve IIM Dream with Erudite's Best GDPI Course for CAT
Debayan Ganguly Calls : IIM C, I, S CAP

Enrolling in Erudite's GDPI course for MBA proved highly beneficial, thanks to the supportive faculty. Throughout the sessions, they were attentive and eager to guide us through the entire process.

GD PI WAT Training Topper
Kavish Jhaveri Calls : IIM K, S

The session was incredibly informative and engaging. The faculty was outstanding and always readily available to provide guidance throughout the CAT GDPI Preparation.

Secure IIM Calls: Enroll in Erudite's GDPI Course for MBA
Maria Calls : IIM A,B,L,K

Erudite's support was invaluable, especially in GD PI WAT Training sessions. Kaushik sir's friendly yet effective feedback guided me in the right direction. I would highly recommend Erudite

CAT Coaching in Kolkata Topper
Amber Bannerjee Calls - A, B, C, L, I, K, XLRI

GDPI WAT training exceeded my expectations, specially the one to one Mentorship. It was exhaustive and challenging, providing a top-notch experience.

Erudite maximum number of call getters for GD PI WAT Training
Deepika Devi Calls : B, C, L, I, K

GDPI WAT session provided valuable insights into the interview process and prepared us for various situations. It was incredibly helpful and on point. Erudite is the best GDPI Coaching for MBA.

Erudite Topper of WAT GD PI Preparation
Vishal Kedia Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, CAP

Big thanks to Erudite for providing the best GDPI course for CAT, as it was a fantastic learning process for me. The sessions involved creating stories from scratch, significantly boosting my confidence for interviews.

WAT and PI Preparation for IIM
Pallabh Bhura Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, S

The WAT and PI preparation for IIMs at Erudite has been instrumental in guiding me towards the right direction for my interviews. The personalized attention provided during the sessions has played a crucial role in ensuring success in securing admission to our dream IIMs.

Turnisha Sarkar IIM l, K, R

The GD PI WAT training session was incredibly informative and engaging at Erudite. The faculty was outstanding, always readily available to provide guidance throughout the entire session.

Neelesh Saha Calls: IIM R, V

Enrolling in the best GDPI course for CAT at Erudite, the session was exceptionally informative and kept me engaged throughout. The faculty members were outstanding and always accessible, providing consistent guidance.

Piyush podder Calls; IIM R

In the WAT GD PI preparation at Erudite, the session was not only informative but also highly engaging. The faculty stood out with their exceptional expertise and continuous accessibility for guidance.

Avilash Ghosh Calls: IIM V, K

Incredibly informative and engaging, the session showcased outstanding faculty who were always ready to provide guidance throughout. One of the best GDPI Course for CAT.

Arijit Dutta Calls: IIM V, K

In the online GD PI WAT preparation at Erudite, the session was both informative and captivating. The faculty proved to be outstanding and consistently available for guidance.

Poulami Biswas Calls: IIM, L, K, V, R

In CAT GDPI preparation at Erudite, the faculty's excellence was evident throughout the entire session, making the experience incredibly informative and engaging.

Sayantan Bhunia Calls: IIM K, B

In GDPI for CAT at Erudite, the session proved to be both informative and captivating. The faculty's excellence shone through, offering guidance at every step.

Shreya Shukla IIM L, K, V, R

During the GD PI WAT training at Erudite, I was thoroughly engaged and informed, thanks to the exceptional faculty who were always on hand to offer valuable guidance.

Dibyendu Roy Call: IIM L

In CAT GDPI preparation at Erudite, the informative and engaging session was made even better by the consistently accessible and outstanding faculty. Highly recommend Erudite's GDPI Course for MBA

Vaidehi Singhania Calls: IIM K

In GD PI WAT training at Erudite, I found the session to be incredibly informative and stimulating, with the faculty's unwavering support and guidance. Hence Erudite is the best GDPI Coaching for MBA

Crack CAT WAT, GD and PI Rounds with our GD PI WAT Training

Know Your GDPI WAT Guru's

Erudite CAT PI Trainer for GD PI WAT Training

Kaushik Kapoor

Profiling Maestro

XLRI Alumni with 20+yrs of experience

Erudite GD Trainer for IIM Success

Sajal Mitra

GD & WAT Expert

20+ Yrs of exp in GD PI WAT Training

Erudite CAT B-school interview Trainer

Jayanto Saha

Interview Expert

IIM C Alumni with 20+ Yrs of experience

Erudite CAT SOP crafting Specialist for GD PI WAT Training

Sagnik Adikary

SOP Specialist

99%iler in VARC with 10+ Yrs of experience

Book 1:1 Counselling with GD PI WAT Training Experts

Classroom Batch

50+ Hours of Training
5 Days A Week Classes
Mock PI Session
GD Training
12,499 9,499

Director's Batch

All of Foundation & Achievers Batch
1:1 Unlimited Mentorship
IIM/XLRI Alumni As Mentor
Personalized SOPs
24,999 20,999
Save ₹ 4,000

Online Batch

All of Foundation Batch
WAT & Sectoral Session
Personality Grooming
Form Filling Session
4,999 1,999

Erudite's Signature Training: Tailored
GD PI WAT Sessions

Elevate your GD and PI performance with Erudite’s personalized training, tailored to bring out your unique strengths and ensure excellence. 

Elevate Your Post-CAT Journey with Erudite's Expert GD PI WAT Training

Post CAT exam, the focus shifts to GD PI WAT Training. entirely. Erudite helps you thoroughly with sure shot converting techniques along with lifelong skills to excel in the B-school of your dreams and beyond with our GDPI Preparation for MBA. Unique pitch crafted by Erudite Profiling Maestro keeping in consideration your Strongest & Weakest abilities ensures that perfect positioning of oneself in front of the PI panel members on the D-day! The Unparalleled Personalized Guidance session & minute detailing of your Academics, Co-Curriculum and Extra-Curricular activities reflect the consistency of a CV which leaves no room for P.I panel not to include you in the final select.

Student Success:
Mastering GD PI WAT!

Erudite Call Getters for GD PI WAT Training

Erudite’s Call Getters for GD PI WAT Training: Shaping Success Stories with Expert Guidance and Personalized Training Excellence.

Get the best GDPI Course for CAT with Erudite
Paarth Aurora

Calls : IIM A, C, L

Get calls from Top IIMs for GDPI Preparation for MBA
Komal Vasudeva

Calls : IIM A, B, C, L

Achieve excellence with Erudite GD PI WAT Training
Abhishek Nishania

Calls : IIM A, B, I, K, CAP

Crack GD and PI rounds with Erudite

Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

Choose Erudite for GDPI for CAT Training
Shubham Agarwal

Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, S

GD PI for MBA Admissions

Calls : IIM A, R, S, V

Crack IIM Calls with Erudite GD PI WAT Training

Calls : IIM B, C, I, K

Cracked IIM Lucknow with Erudite GD PI WAT Training
Samriddhi Nahata

Calls : IIM L, I, K

GD PI for MBA admissions
Gaurav Goel

Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K + ALL CAPs

Successful Toppers of Erudite GD PI WAT Training
Bipradip Chatterjee

Calls : IIM B, L, I, V, S, CAP

Erudite: Your Companion to IIM Calls with CAT GDPI Preparation

Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

GD and PI Training to convert your dream IIM
Siddhant Agarwal

Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

IIM Aspirants' Choice: Erudite's GDPI Course for MBA
Sayantani Haldar

Calls : IIM C, L

Students choose Erudite for GD PI WAT Training
Sarthak Harnathka

Calls : IIM C, L, K, S

IIM Dreams with Erudite's GD PI WAT Training
Mostaque Ahmed

Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

GDPI Preparation for MBA

Calls : IIM K, S, CAP

Erudite's GD PI WAT Training Session Result
Abhishek Anshu Das

Calls : L, S, CAP, SJMSOM, IIT Delhi

Excelling in GD PI WAT Training with Erudite
Sandeep Kumar

Calls : IIM A, C, L, K, S

Students choose Erudite as it is the best GDPI Coaching for MBA
Pradyumna Chakraborty

Calls : IIM R, FMS, IIT-KGP, Delhi, Madras

Erudite GD PI WAT Training Success
Ayushi Khaitan

Calls : IIM C, L, I, K

Erudite is termed as the best WAY and PI Preparation for MBA
Ankur Karonia

Calls : IIM L, R, S, XLRI

Erudite has the best GDPI Course for MBA
Mehul Agarwal

Calls : IIM L, S

100 percentiles in crack trust Erudite for their GD PI WAT Training
Vishal Kedia

Calls : IIM A, B, C,L, I, K, S, CAP

Students trust Erudite CAT GDPI Preparation
Souvik Sen


Erudite is known for its Best GDPI Course for CAT
Somil Rastogi

Calls - C, I, K

Kaustav Mitra

Calls : IIM C, S

Arkaprabha Sanyal

Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, S

Supratik Banerjee

Calls : IIM L, K

Rajat Khetan

Calls : IIM Shillong

Lokesh Daga

Calls : IIM C, I, Ro

Ameetosri Basu

Calls : IIM A, B, C, K, S, I

Arpan Kundu

Calls : IIM S, K

Abhroneil Datta

Calls : IIM A, I, S

Yash chowdhury

Calls : ALL NEW IIMs

Mayank Pansari

Calls : IIM K, Raipur, IMT, TAPMI

Sombuddha Choudhury

Calls - IIM Indore

Sherya Chamaria

Calls : IIM Indore

Saptarishi Basak

Calls : IIM C, L

Vatsal Doshi

Calls : IIM Ranchi

Bidita Shenoy

Calls : IIM Ro, NMIMS, FMS

Alok Dutta

Calls - IIM L, R, S

Akshay Pandey

Calls : IIM Trichy, FMS

Shivam Somani

Calls : IIM I, K

Vishal Didwani

Calls : IIM K

Harshita Agarwal

Calls : IIM A, L, I, K

Aditya Biswas

Calls : IIM K, IMT Ghazibad

Richie Agarwal

Calls : IIM K, V

Tamal Kanti Biswas

Calls : IIM K

Aekansh Srivastava

Calls : IIM K

Sourav Kar

Calls : IIM K, XLRI, IMT Ghaziabad

Anjali Agarwal

Calls : IIM A, C

Sudarshan Mall

Calls : IIM K, S

Tuhin Roy

Calls : IIM C, L, K

Sayan Samanta

Calls : IIM Indore

Aritro Roy

Calls : IIM I, K

Anirban Bhattacharya


Diptanil Sarkar

Calls : IIM R, All New IIMs

Ankit Kumar

Calls : IIM K, IIFT

Tanumoy Ghosh

Calls : IIM K, I

Prerna Soy

Calls : IIM K, Ranchi, Raipur

Amber Banerjee

Calls : IIM A, C, L, K

Muskaan Jain

Calls : IIM K, S, IIT-KGP

Senjuti Tapna

Calls : All New IIMs

Shubham Maheshwari

Calls : IIM K, S

Bhaswar Chowdhury

Calls : IIM Shillong

Aritra Basu

Calls - IIM A, C, IIT Madras

Akshat Vatsal

Calls : IIM I, S, SP Jain, XLRI

Soumyabrata Choudhury

Calls : IIM K

Debanjan Bhakta

Calls : IIM K, Ro, IIFT

Shilpi Mondal

Calls : IIM L, K, R, V

Still have any queries regarding GDPI WAT Training Program?


Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our CAT GDPI Preparation institute. These include the fees and time for GDPI coaching and other small and big things regarding our GDPI WAT Training program.

GD PI for MBA admissions is a crucial aspect of the selection process, evaluating candidates on communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. A strong performance in these assessments can significantly enhance your chances of securing admission.

For the Best GDPI Coaching for MBA, consider enrolling at Erudite CAT Coaching. They offer comprehensive training, encompassing mock GDPI sessions and personalized WAT guidance to ensure effective preparation.

Erudite CAT Coaching offers expert guidance in GD PI WAT preparation, including mock GDPIs, WAT practice, and personalized feedback. They have a track record of success in coaching students for these assessments.

Common GDPI topics include current affairs, business, and ethics. Erudite CAT Coaching provides extensive GD PI WAT training and practice with a wide range of topics to ensure you're well-prepared.

Erudite CAT GDPI Preparation Coaching institute focuses on enhancing your writing skills through structured practice and feedback sessions. They provide valuable tips and strategies to excel in the WAT.

Yes, Erudite CAT Coaching offers online GD PI WAT preparation for MBA online programs, making it convenient for students to prepare from the comfort of their homes.

Erudite CAT Coaching conducts mock GD and PI sessions, provides interview tips, and offers personalized feedback to improve your interview skills and boost your confidence.

Erudite CAT Coaching has a strong track record of helping students excel in GD PI WAT training, with many successfully securing admissions to top MBA programs.

Yes, Erudite CAT Coaching tailors its CAT GDPI preparation to match the specific requirements and selection criteria of various B-schools.

Apart from the CAT score, each IIM has its own shortlisting criteria that consider the candidate's past academic scores (10th/12th/Graduation), work experience, and diversity. These scores are combined to calculate a composite score for shortlisting candidates for the WAT-PI round.

It's advisable to start GD PI WAT preparation well in advance, alongside your CAT or other MBA entrance exam preparations. Erudite CAT Coaching offers integrated programs to help you balance both.

  • a graduation degree certificate with a minimum of 50% marks, 
  • being in the final year of graduation or awaiting results, 
  • and meeting the eligibility criteria even if the candidate is outside of India.

The duration of GD PI WAT preparation can vary depending on your current skills and the intensity of your training. Erudite CAT Coaching offers both short-term and long-term programs, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and timeline.

  1. Get to know the paper pattern, syllabus, and other details.
  2. Establish a strong foundation by mastering the basic concepts.
  3. From the start, take consistent online mock tests in the supervised format.
  4. Focus on any weak points by reviewing and practicing them.
  5. Maintain your dedication, self-assurance, and drive.

Erudite CAT Coaching stands out due to its experienced faculty, personalized guidance, extensive mock sessions, and tailored approach to cater to the unique needs of each student. The success rate and testimonials from past students also attest to the quality of their coaching. Students refer Erudite as the best GDPI Coaching for MBA.

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